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Updated at October 29th, 2020

Once you register for Hack The Box, you will need to review some information on your account. The Dashboard contains a few useful tabs that will allow you to navigate through your account settings. These will include general information settings, 2-Factor-Authentication setup, subscription management, badge progression and more.

General Settings, Security and Notifications

In order to start, you can visit the Dashboard and click on the tab marked Profile Settings.

From here, you can take charge of any information related to your account.

The first thing you should do is enable the 2-Factor-Authentication mechanism. This can be done from the menu below.

After you've enabled it, make sure to view and save your backup codes somewhere safe, like a physical piece of paper, which you should put in a safe and bury the safe under the sea sandbank with a couple of sharks trained to circle around it maliciously or just a password vault. Never put your backup codes anywhere else, as they might be extracted by undesirable actors.

Above the profile picture selection menu, you can swap between the current Details & Security settings page and your Notification Settings page.

From here you can disable or enable E-mail Notifications about the platform activity but also making your profile Public to outside, unauthenticated users. By clicking on the profile link, a pop-up page will appear with this format.

Back to the Details & Security page, you can also link your social media accounts for others to swoon over you and your projects!

If you'd like to Delete your Hack The Box account, there is a button for that as well!

Upon deletion, all your data associated with Hack The Box will be removed completely. This action is permanent and no data is recoverable.

After any new changes you've made to your account settings, remember to Save them so that they take effect!


If you'd like to manage your Subscriptions, become a VIP member, acquire a Pro Lab pass or anything related to your account and payments, you can select the Subscriptions tab.

From the VIP subscription menu specifically, you can view more details on what it can offer to new users. We strongly recommend switching to VIP after some time getting acquainted with the inner works of the platform. It can accelerate your learning process by a large factor.

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