What are ProLabs?

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Updated at August 10th, 2020

Pro Labs are training hacking labs simulating real-world scenarios, giving players a chance to penetrate enterprise infrastructures and prove their Red Teaming skills. 

Pro Labs are focused on delivering security challenges with complex scenarios, simulating real-world environments like companies with network segmentation, domain trusts, firewalls, simulated users, multiple machines, and more. Upon completion of each ProLab you also get a Certificate of Completion. 

We offer Pro Labs subscription at 20 GBP/month or 220 GBP/annum, with an one-off setup fee of 70 GBP in both options, every time you initiate a new Pro Lab subscription. Pro Labs are updated quarterly.  

At the moment we offer 4 Pro Lab scenarios:

  • Dante is a modern, yet beginner-friendly Pro Lab that provides the opportunity to learn common penetration testing methodologies, and gain familiarity with tools included in the Parrot OS Linux distribution. You will level up your skills in information gathering and situational awareness, be able to exploit Windows and Linux buffer overflows, gain familiarity with the Metasploit Framework, and much else!

  • Offshore is an Active Directory lab which simulates the look and feel of a real-world corporate network. It was designed to appeal to a wide variety of users, everyone from junior-level penetration testers to seasoned testers as well as infosec hobbyists.

  • RastaLabs is a virtual Red Team simulation environment, designed to be attacked as a means of learning and honing your engagement skills. The lab features a combination of attacking misconfigurations and simulated users. 

  • Cybernetics is a Windows Active Directory lab environment fully-upgraded and greatly hardened against attacks. For experienced penetration testers and Red Teamers, this lab will offer an amazing challenge to reach Domain Admin.

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