What are Endgames and what is the minimum rank required to access it?

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Updated at July 1st, 2020

Endgames simulate a Lab/Infrastructure that you can find in a real world attack scenario of any Company/Organization. They have various entry points and attack paths. The difference from a machine is that Endames consist of more than one Machine/Components in the same Network simulating a real world environment. 

Endgames, just like Machines and Challenges can be Active and Retired. For every new active Endgame that we release, an old Endgame will be retired.

Active Endgames can only be accessed by all HTB users (including free members) who have achieved Guru rank or above.

Retired Endgames are available to VIP users of any rank and include an official write up. VIP users below Guru rank will be able submit flags for retired endgames ONLY. VIP users of Guru rank or above will be able to submit flags for all Endgames.

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