Service Onboarding

Professional Labs are ready to use when at least one person from within the organization is enrolled with administrative rights. This is a manual procedure where, during the setup process, an existing Hack The Box account will be requested to be registered as the initial Lab Admin.

User Management

The User Capacity of Professional Labs is determined at the time of acquisition of your preferred subscription. A Lab Admin can add and remove Users or additional Lab Admins and Moderators on-demand via the field pictured below by typing the corresponding Hack The Box usernames. Neither Lab Admins nor Lab Moderators count towards the User Capacity.

Lab Admins and Moderators

Lab Admins have the capability of completely managing the Professional Lab resources, including viewing write-ups, resetting the lab, and accessing the user metrics.

Lab Moderators only have the capability of resetting the lab.

Neither counts towards your total User Quota.

Guest User Accounts

For non-registered Hack The Box users, a Lab Admin can create temporary Guest Accounts. These can only be used for Users and cannot be registered as Lab Admins or Moderators. They will still count towards your overall quota. Once a Guest User is removed from the lab, their account will be removed from Hack The Box. A Guest User will be automatically removed after 30 days.

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