What is the minimum amount of User Seats, and how can I add more?

Currently, the minimum amount of purchasable Seats is set to 10 for an initial subscription. You can add additional seats without any set limits or bundle requirements by reaching out to [email protected] and identifying your Dedicated Lab ID (ex. eu-dedicated-15), Affiliated Company, and number of Seats required.

I am an admin in my company’s Dedicated Labs, but I can’t access the Lab’s machines.

Dedicated Labs Admins do not count towards the Lab Seat quota. For this reason, as Lab Admin, you have the ability to administer the lab but can’t access the machines spawned in the lab. To access the server and machines, you need to assign yourself as a Lab User, which will utilize one seat from your quota.

I have assigned users to my Dedicated Labs, but they can’t access Lab’s machines.

Please ensure that all Users have downloaded the correct VPN pack and switched to your Dedicated Lab from the Access Page.

Can I remove a user from my company’s Dedicated Lab and enroll a different user?

Once you remove a user from your Dedicated Lab, they are no longer counted towards your seat quota. This means you can add or remove different users as long as you stay within your seat allowance.

Is it possible to add more seats during my subscription?

You can add seats during the subscription and will be charged on a pro-rata basis. If this is something you require, please contact [email protected].

It is also important to note that seat numbers cannot be decreased for the initial subscription below the set minimum of 10 seats.

As a Dedicated Labs customer, do I also get access to Retired Content?

Yes. Dedicated Labs customers have the ability to access Retired Content without the need to purchase an additional VIP or VIP+ subscription.

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