The total available Boxes are listed right after the user list and may differ depending on the chosen service plan. The Box capacity, i.e., the allowed concurrent live Boxes, is determined by the purchased subscription and by default is 20 for the Standard and Advanced plan and 40 for the Enterprise plan.

Through this list, you may review the name of the Box, the difficulty which is driven by user voting, the status of the Box (Active / Retired), the operating system, and the IP address. Each Box also displays tags to successfully identify the skill set required to compromise the user and root flags successfully.

Additional pools of Exclusive or Custom Boxes will be available in the below format depending on the service plan. The management is similar to what has been previously shown, with the additional ability to access the official write-ups directly from here. Keep in mind that for Exclusive and Custom Boxes, the write-ups are accessible only by the Lab Admins and can be downloaded in .pdf format by pressing the book icon.

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